I seem to always pick up an old cabinet when I stop at any antique store. Cabinets are a must have if you need more storage.I like to buy cabinets that have a solid door on them so that you can’t see what is inside. I have a variety of cabinets of all sizes throughout my home. I’m going to show you the types of cabinets I have and what I use them for.



I have a small kitchen and I needed more storage space. I knew as soon as I saw this pie safe in an antique store that I had to have it. It is the perfect cabinet to store our cereal and to go containers in.




On the other side of my kitchen I have a cabinet where we store all our snack food in.


This is one of my favorite cabinets in my home. I love the color and overall look of this cabinet.




I always try to use every space in my home which is why I love a corner cabinet.



This is a smaller corner cabinet and fits perfect in the corner of our kitchen next to our table.




I have very tall ceilings in my living room which allows me to stack cabinets. This adds a lot more storage space but also gives me a statement piece.




We store all of our movies in the lower cabinet. This cabinet had a mesh screen on the front doors.I stapled lace on the inside of the doors so that it would hide what was inside. I feel like it looks much better not seeing what is inside.




The upper cabinet is a great place to keep some of our books and magazines.





This cabinet is in my bedroom. It is a taller cabinet with only one door.




I like to keep all our photos that we have accumulated over the years inside this cabinet.





Most of the furniture in my bedroom is cream which is why I knew I had to have this cabinet. I keep this cabinet in the corner of my bedroom. I store a lot of our paper work in this cabinet.



I have a small area off of our living room that I knew needed a cabinet. I wanted a cabinet that would fit perfectly in the space



This is a heavy barn wood cabinet that was perfect for this space. I love that it has shelves inside. This is the perfect cabinet for me to store all my kids memory books from over the years.



As you go down the hall I have a very large cabinet against the wall. This cabinet is extremely heavy and made of barn wood and two old doors.




I like to display a lot of my antique dishes and glassware in this cabinet.




There are 5 of us in my home and I knew I needed some where to keep our coats, hats, gloves etc. Myfoyer has a large area which is why I got this large cabinet.





This is really an armoire cabinet but it worked out perfect for what I needed.



My dining room doesn’t have much room for a large cabinet. My dining room table is very large which is why I wanted a corner cabinet.




This corner cabinet worked out perfect for my dining room. I live to display my silver throughout my home.





I found two odd pieces at a great price in an antique store. I married the two together and made a great storage piece for our front room. The top piece is great for displaying all my goodwill finds. The lower piece is where I keep all my extra serving pieces.





An old cabinet can add so much to your home. It is great for extra storage but also adds a unique touch to your home.