I love decorating and sometimes I just don’t have enough time to make all of my own decorations. I was shopping in Kirkland’s the other day and I came across a Fall banner. The banner was cute but I saw something else when looking at it. I always try to inspire everyone to look at everything in a different way and get creative. I purchased the banner and changed it up a bit.

All I needed for this simple idea was:

1. Glue gun with surebonder fabric glue

2. Scissors

3. Ribbon

4. Wire

5. Seam ripper

The banner I purchased is black and white check with pumpkins. I really wanted the pumpkins for ornaments and the banner for an all year long banner.

I took the seam ripper and went up into the burlap strip of the banner. I ripped the threads that were holding the pumpkins in place.

The pumpkin will slide out and then you will be left with the opening in the burlap strip.

I added a drop of the surebonder fabric glue and closed the opening up.

I then cut a few strips of ribbon about 18 inches long.

I then starting looping my ribbons onto the banner.

I alternated black and cream ribbons putting them in between each triangle.

I just love how it turned out and now I can use it all year long. You can then add a piece of wire to the pumpkins to hang on your Fall tree.

These look amazing in my tree but can also be used in a dough bowl. I hope this will inspire you to look at things a second time and consider getting creative and changing it up to make it your way.

The banner is from Kirkland’s.