I seem to be addicted to Goodwill and when I saw this drawer in there for $3.96 I just knew I had to get it. I love storage items and this drawer is going to be perfect for holding some of my treasures. All I need for this project was my drawer, chalk paint, chalk wax, paint brush and knobs. I chose these crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby.
First step was removing the front piece of drawer. This drawer has 2 front pieces.it has the main front drawer piece and then a wooden handle piece. I will not be replacing the outer piece because I want to put 2 knobs instead of the wooden handle piece.
Once you have front pieces off then you can start painting. I am using an ivory chalk paint. This particular chalk paint is by Waverly and I get it In Walmart. It will take at least 2 coats to coats of chalk paint to completely cover drawer.







Once the ivory chalk paint is complete dry I then apply the wax. I’m using an antique wax by waverly. This is going to give my drawer and antique look rather then the fresh ivory color. I apply the wax and then take a rag and wipe it off. I wipe it off according to how dark I want the antique look to be.



I do this step in small sections at a time.
Once you have covered the whole drawer with the antique wax and it is completely dry then it’s time to add your knobs.






Your knobs are going to go through your holes on front of your drawer. This drawer already had holes from the previous wood knob.your knobs will go through the front drawer panel and screw on the back of panel.







I hope you enjoyed this DIY and give it a try!