I have been looking for some cute ideas for bowl fillers. Summer is around the corner and I new some type of strawberries would be perfect. These can be used in your dough bowls or even made into an ornament for your tree.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Whole walnuts (I ordered mine from Amazon)

2. Green felt

3. Red paint

4. Black paint

5. Glue

6. Paint brush

7. Scissors

Your first step is to paint your whole walnuts red. I am using the color red hot by Deco Art.

While you wait for the red paint to dry you can cut out the top part for your strawberry. I am using a piece of green felt.

I found it easiest to trace a circle and then cut out my leaves.

You are trying to leaves like the top of a strawberry.

Once I got one cut out I then just traced it for how many strawberries I am making.

You will then glue your green felt piece to the top of your red walnut. I am just using some hot glue.

You will do this to all your red walnuts.

If you want to hang your strawberry you can just add a piece of string or cord.

Now it is time to paint the black specks onto your strawberries.

Once all your strawberries are complete you can add them to a bowl or hang them on a tree.

This is such a simple DIY and I hope you will all give it a try. This is also a great project for your kids to do.