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Do you have a wall in your home that just needs something? You will love this easy fix. My sister has an amazing craft room and she wanted something unique for her statement wall. We decided to cover the whole wall with RM peel and stick wallpaper.

This wallpaper not only looks amazing but it is amazing because it’s not permanent. If you decide later on that you want a change you can just peel this wallpaper back off. First the supplies you will need: Level Tape measure Cutting knife Smoothing tool RM peel and stick wallpaper

You will first need to decide which wall you want to cover. Measure the length and height of your wall. This is going to tell you how much wallpaper you will need to order

Our wall we are doing is 13 ft long and 7 1/2 feet high. After measuring we decided we will need 4 rolls of the Rm peel and stick wall paper. Before applying the wallpaper you will need to wash down your walls. We just took a bucket of water with dish soap and wiped down the wall. You need to make sure you do this step so that you won’t have any markings under the wallpaper. The wallpaper has a paper backing that you are going to peel off. Do not peel all the paper off at once. Your going to peel back a few inches and start on one side of your wall and at the top of your wall.

As you peel back your few inches of backing and place the wallpaper to wall you will need to take you smoothing knife and smooth out any bubbles or lumps.

Continue this process until you get to the end of the wall. Once your at the end of the wall you will take your cutting knife to cut off the excess.

When you need to start your next row you will just line your new piece up with your previous piece on wall.

If you have light switches or outlets you will just cut them out with your cutting knife

When you get to the bottom of your wall you will just cut the excess paper off with your cutting knife.

This project is quick and easy. You will need a level as you start so that you can make sure your first piece is level. Not all the walls in your home will be level with the ceiling. I hope you enjoy this project as much as we did. We are in love with the finished project.

Again, all you need is the wallpaper and few little tools! BUY YOUR WALLPAPER HERE!