Ok everyone if you love to be outside and you love decorating your yard then this is going to be a must for you. I love my yard and I love having lights every where. There are so many ways to add lights into your yard and garden. I find myself in thrift stores all the time and I’m always picking up glass bowls and vases and I new I wanted to create something using a solar light.
The supplies you will need for this are:
1. Glass vase
2. Glass bowl
3. Solar light
4. E6000 glue
This glass solar mushroom is so easy to make and your going to love it. The first thing is to decide where your going to be putting it in your yard. They look amazing if you add a group of them all together.
Once you find out where your going to put them you will need insert your solar light into the ground.
I am using solar lights that I purchased from The Dollar Tree. You will insert the pole if the solar light into the ground.
You will want your light to be low and flush to the ground. This is going to allow the base of your mushroom to fully light up.
Next you will want to place your vase over the solar light.
You will place the open end of your vase over the solar light.
Be sure that your vase is secure in the ground and level. Now you will place a good amount of the E6000 glue to the top of your vase.
The E6000 glue is what is going to secure the glass bowl to the vase. You will now place the glass bowl onto the vase.
You want to place the opening of the bowl onto the vase which is going to form the top of your mushroom.
You can make these mushrooms in a variety of sizes. I like using a variety of vases and bowls forming a cluster of glass mushrooms.
These are pretty in the day but amazing at night. Once the sun goes down you will have a cluster of glowing mushrooms.
These are so easy to make and are an amazing decoration to add to your yard. I hope you enjoy this DIY and give it a try.