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I hope my creativity will inspire you to be UNIQUE throughout your home and in your everyday fashion! We Use Unique Crafting Techniques!

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We specialize in all things unique! We offer tons of designs. Tons of which are not listed on your site. If you are looking for something and do not see it, please reach out to us!

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Adorable and unique! Great quality and even better prices!

Our unique store items are handpicked by Barb herself! We try to ensure that each of our products are as unique. In order to do that, we cannot carry large quantities of the same item. We have limited quantities only in each size or style of a product. Some products are handmade and there are only one of them in the world! Grab yours before they are gone! 

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Specially made for you or your family! If you ever miss one of my lives on facebook, you can rest assured I will probably post it here, in my blog. I will even post pictures with step by step instructions for you to follow! 

I hope you each take these DIY’s and make them your own. Put a unique twist on them and them share them with me or my crafting group!

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I just found this site and fell in love with her designs and the wonderful way she teaches them. She explains then shows with easy to understand craft language!!! And her excitement is so contagious… thank you so much 😍

Michele Crider

I love The Shabby Tree. The craft ideas are so cute and simple that anyone can make them. I also ordered a necklace and it was shipped super fast. I received it in just 2 days. Amazing! 💗

VB Brown

New to the site but love everything she does. The crafts are easy with everything you can find locally. Her imagination is so much fun. If you haven’t watched her videos yet sit back and enjoy. I bing watched them all I couldn’t stop myself. Believe me you will love all her ideas too.

Joy Smith

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