About Us

Are you ready to learn more about The Shabby Tree? You’ve come to the right place!

Hi everyone and welcome to The Shabby Tree! I’m so happy you’re here and I’d love to tell you a little more about myself! My name is Barb and I am the owner of The Shabby Tree. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and have loved crafting and fashion for as long as I can remember. In 1995 I married my high school sweetheart, Wally, and shortly after we moved to Georgia for his new job. We have three children, Joy (25), Hope (22) and Bo (19). We still live in Georgia, but now my husband and I work together running the Shabby Tree along with our two daughters, Joy and Hope. Our son Bo is currently attending college at UGA and helps out around the warehouse during his school breaks!

I’ve always loved to craft and for many years I sold crafts at antique stores in my area. As my kids got older my husband and I spent a lot of our time at sporting events and I didn’t have as much time to craft. Once my daughters both went off to college I decided to get back into crafting and I started The Shabby Tree as a way to be able to share my creative ideas with others. Being able to have a career centered around crafting and home decor has always been a dream of mine so in 2018 I decided to make that dream a reality, and that is when the Shabby Tree was born.


For most of my adult life I’ve loved and gravitated towards a shabby chic look when crafting and decorating my home. I tend to use a lot of lace and doilies and I love to coffee stain items.

I’ve also always loved trees, even as a little girl. I now use trees to decorate my home year round and I have done so for many years.

When thinking of a business name my love for all things “shabby chic” and my love of trees led to me feeling that “The Shabby Tree” was the perfect name!

Our Team…

OUR TEAM… We have now been in business a little over three years and have 11 full time team members. Many of our team members are family or close family friends and The Shabby Tree wouldn’t be what it is without each and every one of them! Now let’s introduce everyone and what they do at The Shabby Tree!


Top Row (from left to right): Joy, Melissa, Courtney, Mrs. Deborah, Bea, Morgan, Kellie, Mrs. Carrie. Bottom Row (from left to right): Hope, Wally, Barb.

Mrs. Deborah & Mrs. Carrie

Mrs. Deborah and Mrs. Carrie both work in the receiving portion of our warehouse and they inventory, sort and wrap all of the items that get delivered and get them ready to be added to the website.


Morgan also works in the receiving portion of the warehouse and she is our full time admin for our crafting group “Crafting with The Shabby Tree”. She spends most of her time moderating the group, but when she isn’t working on the group she helps inventory and measure items as well as help plan new arrival sets.


Joy also works in the receiving portion of the warehouse and is the main buyer of the clothing, jewelry and accessories for our boutique. She plans new arrival sets, takes product photos, writes product descriptions and does backend website work getting new arrivals ready to go live on the website!

Kellie Sue

Kellie is Barb’s right hand woman and does a little bit of everything at The Shabby Tree! She answers all of our Facebook messages and emails. She also helps inventory home decor items and processes our returns.


Hope spends a lot of time getting items ready for our antique booth and works on keeping it stocked year round! She is also the brain behind our TikTok account and spends a lot of time thinking up ideas for new videos!


Wally works in the shipping department of our warehouse and spends most of his time printing orders and invoices. He is also our customer service representative at The Shabby Tree and without him our customer service wouldn’t be nearly as amazing as it is!

Courtney, Bea, & Melissa

Courtney, Bea and Melissa work in the shipping department and are the ones that pack each and every order that leaves our warehouse! If you receive an order from us it will be packed and signed with love by one of them! They are amazing and thanks to them our orders get out as quickly as possible!


Sallie used to work in our warehouse inventorying and wrapping clothing, but she is currently attending college at UGA and is now working with us virtually. She handles all of our messages and comments on our Instagram account!

You Are One In A Million!

We now have over a million people as part of our Shabby Tree community and we couldn’t feel more loved and blessed! Thank you all for being a part of our life and letting us share ours with you! The Shabby Tree wouldn’t be what it is without each and every one of you… you are all truly one in a million!