I love to decorate my porch and I seem to have a variety of lanterns on my porch. There are so many different ways that people like to display and fill their lanterns. I’m going to show you what I will be putting in my lanterns and how I will have them displayed on my front porch.

You will find a variety of different size lanterns in your stores. I like to purchase a lot of mine from Hobby Lobby. A larger size lantern will allow you more room to add more decorative items inside the lantern.

Succulents are always a great item to add to the inside of a lantern. I found these amazing succulents at our Dollar Tree.

I love to add battery operated lights to the inside of my lanterns. I found this amazing battery operated garland in Michaels. This garland mixed with other greenery adds a great spring look to my lantern.

I like to mix smaller statues with the greenery inside my lantern. I love this cement angel I got from Hobby Lobby mixed with the battery operated garland. It looks beautiful when it lights up on my front porch in the evening.

Decorative pebble filler is always a great item to add to the bottom of your lantern. I mixed this pebble filler that I got from Michael’s with the succulents I got from the Dollar Tree.

I first placed all the pebbles onto the bottom then I added the succulents in. I also wanted some lights so I added a battery operated succulent garland that I got from Michael’s.

You can keep your lanterns simple by adding a battery operated candle with some greenery.

There are so many ways to be creative with your lanterns. I hope you enjoyed a few of the items that I like to place inside my lanterns. Below you will see a few photos of the lanterns that I have on my front porch.