We have used different types of air dry clay here at The Shabby Tree and I seem to like them all. Air dry clay is very easy to work with and there are so many different ways to use it. The holidays are right around the corner and I thought we could make some fun vintage decorations using air dry clay.

I will be using 2 different types of air dry clay that are shown in photo above. The Creative Paperclay will work perfect for a snowman head and I will use the Das terracotta clay for a pumpkin.

I want to use a styrofoam ball but I want to turn it into a bowl. You can use a knife or spoon to cut out the center area of the styrofoam ball.

I want this decoration to be able to hang or sit so I cut a piece of the styrofoam ball off to create a flat side as shown in photo above.

The next step is to cover the styrofoam ball with the clay. I will be creating the head of a snowman using the paperclay.

I used the paper clay to create a nose and I created some puffy cheeks.

I used the Das terracotta clay to create a pumpkin head.

I added some wire to create a handle. This clay will need to dry before you can add any paint. I cut the center of the styrofoam ball out but you can create these to be one solid head.

I gave them a complete day to dry before going on to my next step.

I’ll be adding some paint for faces and some mica flakes to the snowman head.

I added a cream chalky finish paint to the snowman head.

I added a spiced pumpkin colored paint by DecoArt to the pumpkin.

I painted on the faces and I used Elmer’s glue to add some mica flakes to the snowman head.

These are very easy to make and I think you can get very creative with them. I hope you will try air dry clay and give this simple craft a try.