I recently bought a few red and blue bandanas from Walmart. You can find a variety of printed bandanas in Walmart right now. I want to use the red and blue bandanas to create a fun and unique Americana decoration.

The supplies that I’ll be using are listed down below.

1. One red and one blue bandana from Walmart

2. One piece of cardboard

3. Scissors

4. X-acto knife

5. One 8”x10” sheet of paper

6. Mod Podge for fabric

7. White chalk paint by Waverly

8. Hot glue

9. Paint brush

The first step is to fold the sheet of paper in half and draw a pattern for a vase.

You’ll want to cut the pattern out and trace it onto the cardboard.

Once you have the vase drawn onto the cardboard you’ll then draw an area for the flowers.

You’ll want to use the x-acto knife to cut it out.

I decided to paint the bottom of the vase white. This will help brighten the bandana that you’ll be adding to the vase.

Once the white paint is dry you’ll then add the mod podge.

You’ll want to place the blue bandana over the mod podge.

Once the bandana is in place you’ll then trim the bandana. Be sure to trim the bandana leaving extra around the edge.

You’ll want to add the mod podge going around the edge of the bandana as shown in photo above. Once you have the mod podge added you’ll then fold the edge over onto the cardboard.

Once you have the edges folded over you’ll then add more mod podge to the front side of the bandana.

The next step is to cut the red bandana. You’ll want to cut the red bandana into a spiral effect.

Once you have the bandana cut you’ll then start at one end to form a flower. These flowers are very easy to make. You’ll want to wrap the bandana but be sure to add a few twist while wrapping.

You can add a small dap of hot glue at the beginning and at the end.

You can make the flower as big or as small as you want. Once you have the flower made you’ll then add hot glue to the back side and place it onto the cardboard.

I decided to make blue and red flowers from the bandanas. You can find the white flowers that I decided to add in Walmart by their ribbon.

Once I had all of the flowers glued in place I decided to add some bling embellishments.

You can find the bling that I used on Totally Dazzled by clicking the link down below.


This was so easy to make and will look great any where in your home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.