I have a very cute burlap bunny head that I want to give a little makeover to. This bunny head is so cute as is but I want to give it a bigger statement.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One burlap bunny head from our website

2. One old spindle

3. Hot glue

4. Candle ring

5. Carrots

6. Burlap ribbon

7. Twine

8. Scissors

9. Doilies and bling

I placed a hole at the bottom of the bunny head and added hot glue.

I placed the spindle up into the hole as shown in photo above.

I added some burlap ribbon around the neck to form a bow. I glued some doilies and bling to the top of the bow.

Once I had the doilies glued in place I then created some arms out of a thicker burlap ribbon.

I used a piece of twine to gather the burlap in the center. Once I had the twine wrapped and tied I then glued it to the back side of the spindle.

I twisted the burlap ribbon and brought both ends around to the front of the spindle. I tied both ends of the burlap ribbon together with a piece a twine.

I used the twine to attach a candle ring and a set of carrots to the arms.

You can find the candle ring and the carrots on our website by clicking the links down below.



This little makeover was so quick and easy and turned out so stinking cute. I hope this will inspire you to get creative and have fun changing things up.