I’m always getting asked what can we make out of our old Christmas cards. An amazing follower of ours sent me in an idea and I knew I had to give it a try. You can create an amazing decorative tree using recycled Christmas cards.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. A variety of Christmas cards ( you will want at least 40 to 49 but it depends on the size of your cards)

2. Hot glue

3. Scissors

4. A piece of thick styrofoam

5. Small dowel

6. Hole puncher

7. Glitter foam paper ( optional)

8. Pen

This tree is very easy to create and you can make your own pattern or print my pattern down below. This tree will be 49 pieces and the pieces will be in groups of 7. I created my own pattern and I made the largest piece according to my largest card which is 7 inches tall.

You will trace each pattern 7 times giving you 7 pieces. This will give you 7 different size pieces and you will want 7 pieces of each size.

Once you have all 49 pieces cut out you will punch a hole in the center of the rounded end.

You will punch a hole in all 49 pieces.
Once all the holes are punched you will then bring both corners in on the other end to create a point. Use the hot glue to hold the ends in place.
You will do this to all 49 pieces.
I placed the dowel in the center of a piece of styrofoam. My dowel is not cut to size yet because I wanted to make sure it will fit all my pieces before cutting it.
You will start adding your largest pieces onto the dowel first and you will add them in a spiral direction.
Once you have all the pieces added to the dowel you will then cut out your star.
I glued two pieces together for the star. Be sure not to add glue at the bottom center so that there will be an opening to slip onto the dowel.
I trimmed the dowel to add the star to the top.
This is a fun tree to make and you can create this tree in a variety of sizes. If you don’t have Christmas cards you can use decorative card stock paper. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.