Ok I know it seems early to start thinking about Christmas but I get so excited to check out the new decorations. Walmart just started putting out their Christmas decorations and I thought it would be fun to give you a peek.

The first item that I’m super excited to show you is the animated Grinch. This is the Grinch that I had on my front porch last year.

You will also find the tree that I keep up in my home all year long. I love the T-28 tree and is a great all year long tree.

The clear mini lights are always a great set of lights to stock up on.

The Santa , Nutcracker and Nativity are amazing and I don’t remember seeing them last year.

The giant Christmas tree for the yard definitely caught my eye.

They have a variety of stand bands but I’ll have to say the Santa one is my favorite.

They are just starting to put all of the Christmas decor out but as you can see they have some great items.

They have a fun section that has a variety of black and white decor.

This is just the beginning of their decorations but I thought it would be fun to share a few items that caught my eye.

And of course I had to buy the 2 Grinch items shown in photo above.