I love adding Christmas decorations to each room in my house. Our dining room is where we gather for our Christmas dinner so I decided to keep it simple this year.

I added a lot of gold accents to my dining room this year. The long oval bowl on the dining room table is filled with candles, greenery, trees and gold ball ornaments.

I love having a variety of games throughout my dining room. The pinball game and the connect four game came from Home Goods this year.

The slider game is from Amazon.

You can some of my favorite games on my Amazon store front by clicking the link down below.


I turned my Buffett into a coffee bar last year. This is the perfect spot for all of our coffee and teas that we like to drink.

Our dining room has a small front room that we use for a small sitting area. This is wear I like to sit at night and relax.

I decided to add a 7ft tree to the corner this year. This tree will be an all year long tree and decorated for different holidays and seasons.

I like to keep an electric fireplace in front of my faux mantel.

I added just a pop of red by adding a few red cardinals and a red throw blanket.

My dining room feels very festive and cozy and seems to be where I like to hang out the most.