Summer is right around the corner and it is time to start thinking ahead for Fourth of July. If you love dressing in all your red, white and blue then you might want to give this DIY a try. I was shopping in Walmart and I bought a pair of white canvas slip on shoes. You will see a lot of the white canvas shoes in the stores right now for the summer. I just knew when I saw them that we could get creative with them.

These will be very easy to create and the supplies I will be using are:

1. One pair of canvas slip on shoes (I got mine from Walmart)

2. Red and blue fabric paint (I am using So Soft fabric acrylics by DecoArt)

3. Paint brush

4. Duct Tape

5. Star pattern or small star cookie cutter

The first step is to trace your star pattern or cookie cutter onto the duct tape. You can print my small star pattern down below.

I will be tracing three stars onto the duct tape and then I will cut them out.

You will then place the duct tape stars onto the front of the shoe.

I then painted the blue fabric paint onto the area around the duct tape stars.

Once I had the blue all painted on I then removed the duct tape stars and placed them onto the other shoe.

I then cut a strip of the duct tape to create my red stripes down the side of the shoes.

My strip is about 3/4 of an inch wide.

You will then place this down the side of your shoe. I decided to move the strip up more after I painted. You should place the strip of tape right up to where the blue paint is.

I painted the red up to the blue area but left the thin white strip.

I also painted the back strip in the shoe blue.

These are so fun to create and you can create them so many different ways. I hope you will all have fun and give this a try.