I am working on decorating a few of my all year long trees for the summer. It will be Fourth of July before you know it so I wanted some Americana decor.

I have done a lot of DIY’s using clothespins and I love how easy they are to clip to a tree. You can paint a clothes pin in a variety of ways to create some Americana decor. We will be creating a simple patriotic Uncle Sam using a clothes pin.

The supplies you will need:

1. Clothes pins

2. Paint (red, white , blue, black and brown)

3. Silver glitter

4. Elmer’s glue

5. Paint brush

6. Popsicle stick

7. Glue gun

8. Scissors

9. Cotton Balls

I have 2 different kinds of clothes pins. One has a stained look and the other has an unfinished look. You can easily take stain or brown paint and add some color to your clothes pin.

The first step is to paint the top part of your clothes pin blue.

Next I cut a small piece off my popsicle stick.

You need both parts painted blue. Glue the small piece of the popsicle stick to the clothes pin. This is forming the bottom part of your hat.

Now paint red stripes but be sure to leave space for the face of your Uncle Sam.

I then ripped off a small piece of my coffee stained cotton ball. This will be the beard of Uncle Sam. Glue the piece of cotton ball to the clothes pin.

Add to eyes and glitter to the hat.

I love how these turned out and I love how easy they are to clip to my trees.