Ok I can’t believe it but it is May already. I’m trying to add a few fun Americana decorations throughout my yard for Memorial Day and Fourth of July. After digging through my craft supplies I realized I have a lot of terra cotta pots. We can quickly and very easily create an Americana garden gnome using 3 terra cotta pots.

The supplies I am using are:

1. Three terra cotta pots (mine are 4.3”, 6.3” and 8.3”)

2. Red, white and blue paint

3. Paint brush

4. Hot glue

5. Wooden bead with flat back (mine is 1.5”)

6. Polyurethane spray (optional)

7. Stain (this is optional I added a little over my bead)

The first step is to paint the two smaller terra cotta pots red.

You will then create the beard for the gnome on the larger pot using the white paint. I just used my brush and created the look of a beard.

I then painted the remaining of the large pot blue.

I took them outside and sprayed a coat of polyurethane over all three pots.



You will stack the posts and then decide where to glue the bead on for the nose. I wanted my bead a little darker so it did not blend in with the beard so I just wiped a little stain over the wooden bead.

I used the hot glue to attach the wooden bead.

This gnome is so easy to create and will look great on any porch or in any yard. I hope you will all get creative and give this easy Diy a try.