If your looking for a cute and simple project you will want to give this a try.


I have been doing a lot of yard decor projects but this was just too simple not to do. All you need is a grapevine e wreath, ribbon , a terra cotta tray , scissors, light blue paint and poly spray.



You will need to make sure your tray is the right size to fit in center of your wreath without falling through. Your first step is to paint your terra cotta tray light blue. I’m using a light blue craft paint from Hobby Lobby.






Once your tray is completely painted and dried them spray the polyurethane on.



Once your tray is dry you then need to cut 3 pieces of ribbon. Your pieces of ribbon need to be cut all the same length. The length you cut it depends on how long you want it to hang.





Take each piece of ribbon and wrap them around the wreath and knot them in place. I evenly space them apart forming a triangle. Then take all three ends and knot them on top.





Place your tray in the center and you now have a hanging bird bath.







Add some water into your tray and your ready to watch for the birds to enjoy. I love this project because it is so simple and just a unique way to make a bird bath.