Ok I recently made a braided wreath that a lot of people seemed to really like. A few people were suggesting that I try making one in red, white and blue for Fourth of July. I was in Hobby Lobby and I found the perfect ribbon to create an Americana braided wreath.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One 12” inch grapevine wreath

2. Hot glue

3. Scissors

4. Duct tape

5. One zip tie

6. Hang tag and stamper (optional)

7. Ribbon from Hobby Lobby (red, white and blue braided cord ribbon)

The ribbon I purchased from Hobby Lobby is a braided cord. I bought it in red, white and blue.

I unraveled each ribbon.

This will give you three strands for each color.

I duct taped the strands across my table as shown in above photo. I grouped the strands into three groups and each group has a red, white and blue strand. I cut the strands about 42” inches long.

Once you have the strands taped in place you will then braid them as shown in photo above.

Once your braid is complete you will lay the braid onto the grapevine wreath.

You will leave the ends of the braid facing each other at the top of the wreath.

You will use the hot glue to attach the braid onto the grapevine wreath.

I used a zip tie to secure the ends of the braid all the together at the top of the wreath.

You can cut the strands at the end as short as you want.

I stamped a flag onto a coffee stained hang tag.

This wreath is so easy to make and will look amazing on any door. You can make this wreath any size that you want. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.

You can find this ribbon in Hobby Lobby in their ribbon section.