Spring and Easter are quickly approaching and I seem to have baskets on my mind. I recently bought a lot of rag accents rugs which I cut apart for the strips of fabric. We have been creating a few different things with these rag strips but I thought it would be fun to create a basket.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Strips of fabric from accent rugs which I purchased from Five Below

2. Glue gun with surebonder fabric glue

3. Scissors

4. Wire (I am using 18 gauge wire)

The first thing I did was cut apart the rug to give me all the strips of fabric.

I will be braiding three of the strips. You can knot the end or I glued my three strips together.

I used a piece of tape to hold the end so that I can begin to braid.

When I came to the end of a strip I used the glue to attach another strip.

You will continue adding strips and braiding until you get the length you want. I did not measure mine I just made one very long braid.

I used glue at the end of the braid to hold the braid together.

You will want to add glue to end and start rolling. This will form the bottom of your basket.

You will keep adding glue as you continue roll.

You will make the bottom of the basket as big as you want your basket to be.

You will then start to wrap upwards. You will add glue to the top of the outer row and then start wrapping up.

When your basket is as high as you want you will cut off the end and glue it down in place.

I then made another short braid but I added a piece of wire to this one.

This is going to be the handle to my basket. I am adding the wire so that the handle will stand up.

I just added the wire to one of the fabric strips and I braided them together.

I stuck the wire through the basket but I stuck it from the inside out.

I stuck the wire through the basket and then wrapped it back over the basket and around the braided handle.

This is such a fun basket to make and you can make them in a variety of colors. I have purchased these rugs from Five Below, Walmart, Dollar General and the Dollar Tree. You can also make strips of fabric from any type of material. This basket will look so cute any where in your home.