Ok a lot of people seem to love to decorate with butterflies and I have been seeing a lot of decor with them lately. I believe you can easily use a tacky glue to create a butterfly that looks like metal. These butterflies will be fun to add throughout your home.

The supplies that we will be using are:

1. Aleene’s original tacky glue

2. Brown paper

3. Wire

4. Hot glue

5. Scissors

6. Candle

7. Rub’n Buff ( I’m using Antique Gold)

You will want to cut out a butterfly. I folded my paper in half and then I traced one of my Dollar Tree butterflies.

Once you have the butterflies cut out you will then use some hot glue to add the piece of wire . I glued the wire in the center of the butterfly and then added the second butterfly on top.

Once I had the wire glued in place I then added some of the tacky glue between the layers.

Once you have your butterfly formed it is time to add more tacky glue.

I added the tacky glue to one side at a time. Once you have the tacky glue onto the butterfly as shown in photo above it is then time to place it over the flame of the candle.

You will want to move it around over the flame of the candle until the side with the glue turns black.

You will do this to both sides of the butterfly.

Once they are dry you will take a paper towel and lightly rub off some of the black.

The last step to add some of the Rub’n Buff.

I placed a small amount on my finger and rubbed it over the butterfly.

These are so simple to make and they actually look like a metal butterfly. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.