We’re always creating fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree using simple cardboard. There’s so much farmhouse decor in the stores right now that I thought it would be fun to create a decorative cow head using simple cardboard.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One sheet of cardboard

2. Large sheet of shipping paper for a pattern

3. Hot glue

4. X-acto knife

5. Paint brush

6. Oak colored Gel stain by DecoArt

7. Greenery

8. Ribbon

9. Americana acrylic paint by DecoArt ( Lamp Black)

10. Lace colored chalky finish paint by DecoArt

11. One shipping hang tag

The first step is to create a pattern for your cow head. You can make this cow head as big or as small as you want. I folded a large piece of shipping paper in half to create my pattern.

My cow head us about 16 1/2 inches long.

I came out from the fold about 7 1/2 inches.

You’ll want to cut out 2 of the patterns. The pattern on the right will be used to create the pattern for the center area of the cow head.

Once you have both patterns cut out you’ll then trace the patterns onto the cardboard.

Once you have both patterns traced onto the cardboard you’ll then cut them out with the X-acto knife.

I used the black paint on the larger piece and the lace colored paint on the smaller piece.

Once you have both pieces painted you’ll then glue them together as shown in photo below.

I added some of the Oak colored Gel stain over the entire cow head.

The Gel stain is not as dark if you water it down a bit.

I added some hot glue to the right ear area and added some greenery and a bow.

I cut the shipping label in the shape of a tag and added some of the Gel stain.

I added some wire for a hanger. This cow is so easy to make and will look great hanging any where in your home. I hope you’ll grab some cardboard and give this a try.