I started decorating my porch for summer and I seem to have a daisy theme going on. You can find some pretty daisy flowers in the stores right now but I want to make some fun and unique daisies. I found some mixing spoons in the Dollar Tree that will work perfect for create a quick and easy daisy.

The supplies that we’ll be using are:

1. One 3.8 inch styrofoam ball

2. Three packs of a 4 piece mixing spoon set from the Dollar Tree

3. One stick from the yard

4. Hot glue

5. Cutters

6. Paint brush

7. Champagne colored Texture by DecoArt

8. Gold chunky glitter

The first step is to cut the handles off of the spoons. Be sure to leave enough of the handle to stick into the styrofoam ball.

I’ll cut them shorter if I need to when I’m adding them into the styrofoam ball.

Once you have the handles cut off it’s then time to add them to the styrofoam ball.

You’ll want to add the first four spoons as shown in the photo above. This will allow you to add two more spoons in between the first four.

I added just a small amount of hot glue to each spoon as I inserted it into the styrofoam ball. Hot glue will melt the styrofoam so be sure to use a small amount.

Once I had all of the spoons in place I then added the stick for a stem and then painted on the Texture.

Be sure to paint the Texture in between each spoon.

Once I had the Texture painted on I then added some of the chunky gold glitter.

You can find the glitter by clicking my affiliate link here


This daisy is very easy to make and you will love how it’s a larger size daisy. I hope you’ll get creative and give this daisy a try.