It’s time to start thinking about Christmas and creating some fun decorations. I love decorating my home for all holidays but especially for Christmas. I wanted something fun to put on my front porch this year. I went to Home Depot and with just a few pieces of wood you can create a fun and decorative sled to place on your front porch.

You can create this sled any size you would like. I tried to make it as easy as possible which is why I bought a pre cut piece of wood from Home Depot.

The supplies I am using are:

1. A pre cut piece of wood from Home Depot which measures 21/32” x 18” x 48”

2. A 1×3 measuring 19 inches long

3. Two 2×4’s measuring 57 1/2 inches long

4. Drill

5. Drill bit (you will want your drill bit the size of your rope)

6. Rope (your rope can be any size or kind)

7. Measuring tape and pencil

7. Screws (I’m using an exterior screw measuring 1-1/4)

8. Circular saw

9. Stain and paint brush (optional)

The first step is to cut the top corners off of your large piece of wood. We came in about 4 inches from each side which gives us about an 8 center.

We then came down about 6 inches on each the side and drew our line to cut.

We cut our 2×4’s to be 57 1/2 inches long.

We then cut our 1×3 to be 19 1/2 inches long.

We cut one end of our 2×4’s at a slant.

We drilled a hole at each end of the 1×3.

We drilled our hole about an inch in from the side.

Once all your pieces are cut it is time to assemble your sled.

We drilled the 2×4’s to the back of the sled. Be sure that the end of the 2×4’s that are cut at a slant are at the top of your sled. We came in about 2 inches from the side of the sled.

We used an exterior screw but you can use any type of screws.

You will screw both of the 2×4’s to the back of the sled and then you will screw the 1×3 to the top front. I then added my rope to the top . I placed the rope through the holes of the 1×3 and knotted the ends of the rope so it would not slip back through.

I just love how this turned out. I am going to stain the sled and add a wreath to the front.

There are so many ways you can decorate this sled. I am keeping it simple and adding a nail in the center front to hang a wreath.

This will look so cute by your front door for Christmas. I added one of our message boards to the center of the wreath. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.