If you have been following The Shabby Tree then you all know I am obsessed with all kinds of lighting. Spring is here and it is time to start decorating the yard. We spend a lot of our time out in our yard for the summer and I always like to add a lot of solar lights throughout the yard. We have made a variety of different items using solar lights but I found a few items in the Dollar Tree that I just know will create a fun and easy solar chandelier.

You can find all of the supplies that I am using in the Dollar Tree. The supplies are:

1. Two pieces of plastic fencing

2. One black wire mesh basket

3. Zip ties

4. Three solar lights

5. One garden hanging chain

6. One 14 inch round wire wreath form

7. Scissors

8. Wire cutters

The first step is to cut the bottom posts off of both fence pieces.

You will then connect both fence pieces together. Once you have the fence pieces joined together forming a circle you will then insert the round wire wreath form.

You will use zip ties to secure the wreath form around the bottom inside of the fencing.

You can use as many zip ties as you want to secure the fencing around the wreath form. Be sure to cut the ends of the zip ties off once you have them all pulled tightly in place.

The next step is to cut the bottom of the basket off and the top ring of the basket off. You will use the wire cutters to snip each piece off.

You will then cut a piece of the wire basket big enough to lay across the center of the wreath form.

You will use the zip ties to secure the piece of wire basket onto the wreath form.

You will hook the wire hanging chain to the top of the fencing as shown in photo above.

You will need to decide where you want to place the solar lights. I am adding 3 solar lights to my chandelier. You will only want to add the top piece of the solar light and discard the pole to the solar light.

Be sure to only snip one metal strip and then push the solar light in place. The wire basket piece is very easy to stretch and will allow you to squeeze the solar light into the hole you created.

I place all three solar lights into the wire basket piece with the solar lights facing up.

This chandelier is so easy to make and can be placed on your porch or any where in your yard. You can easily create this amazing chandelier for $8.00 or less. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.