Easter is right around the corner and I always love creating Easter baskets for my kids. My kids are getting older and I like to give them items that they will need and use. Since summer is almost here I thought I would give them each a beach towel. You can use a beach towel to create your Easter basket.

You can find some beautiful beach towels in Marshall’s and HomeGoods right now. I will be making these fun baskets for my kids and for my employees. You can add a variety of beach themed items to these baskets. I thought it would be fun to add a candle for my employees.

The first step is to fold the beach towel in half to create a square shape.

The next step is to roll 2 corners into the center.

Once you have the 2 corners rolled into the center you should have what looks like the photo above.

The next step is to bring the ends up and together.

You’ll want to use a piece of ribbon, zip tie or rubber band to hold the ends together.

Once you have the ends together they will form the ears to your bunny. The next step is to wrap another zip tie or rubber band around the towel about 3 inches down from the first one. This will form the head to your bunny basket.

You’ll want flatten the bottom and create what looks like a bunny basket. I pulled the bottom of the towel into the center to give a bottom to the basket. You can then fill the basket with your goodies. I love how simple this is to create.