We’ve been having fun and getting creative with recycled tin cans. There seems to be so many different items that you can create with recycled tin cans. I want to turn a recycled tin can into a fun farm scoop.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One 46oz recycled tin can

2. Tin cutters

3. Hot glue

4. E6000 glue

5. Chalk marker

6. One wooden spool

You’ll want to first remove your label from the can.

You’ll want to remove any glue that might be on the can from the label. I like to use Goo Gone and warm water for removing the glue.

I used the chalk market to draw what I want to cut out.

I used the line that is on the can as my center point. I went out about 3 inches on each side of the line.

I will be cutting out a scoop opening using the tin cutters.

It is easier to cut out the scoop if you cut some slits down the center.

Once you have a few slits cut you’ll then cut along the line that you drew.

You should wear gloves when doing this step.

Once you have your opening cut it’s then time to cut a curve around the top back.

You can paint this or leave as is.

I added some E6000 glue and hot glue to the end of the wooden spindle.

I attached the wooden spindle to the bottom center of the can. I used a sanding sponge on any small splinters that might be on the can. This is a fun craft but you do have to be careful when cutting the can.

I cut another can and painted the outside black.

I glued this can to the top of a candle holder that we have on our website. You can click the link down below to check out the candle holder.


This is a fun way to get creative with a recycled can. I hope you’ll all get creative and give this a try.