Spring is here and it’s always fun to display flowers throughout your home. I always like to find fun and unique ways to display my faux flowers. We recently had a fun flower carrier on our website which got my mind going. After going through my craft supplies I think I found a very easy way to create a fun farmhouse carrier that we can place some flowers onto.
The supplies that I’ll be using are:
1. Eleven 5 gallon stir sticks from Walmart ( you get three in a pack)
2. Gorilla wood glue
3. One 9×12” canvas from Walmart
4. Walnut colored Gel stain by DecoArt
5. Paint brush
6. Wire cutters
7. Needle nose pliers
8. Hand saw or electric saw
9. Nail gun and headless nails
The first step is to remove the canvas from the frame.
Once you have the canvas removed you want to cut 5 of the stir sticks to be the same length of the frame.
You will nail and glue all 5 stir sticks to the frame. My frame has a flat side and a curved side. I nailed my stir sticks to the flat side of the frame.
I removed some of the staples in my frame before adding the stir sticks.
Be sure to add the gorilla wood glue before nailing the stir sticks to the frame.
I’m using 3/4” headless nails in my nail gun. You might want to use a smaller nail if possible. This nail works but I had to trim some of the nails that came through the bottom side.
I nailed the outer sticks first and then the center stick.
Once you get all 5 stir sticks nailed onto the frame you’ll then measure 2 sticks for the sides.
You’ll add the wood glue and then nail the 2 side sticks in place.
You’ll do the same thing for the two remaining sides.
Once you get all four sides nailed in place you’ll then use 2 of the remaining cut pieces for the sides of the handle.
You’ll add some wood glue to the top of the handles. Cut another stir stick to fit across the tray and onto the top of both side pieces.
Be sure to nail the top piece of the handle down onto the side pieces.
I used wire cutters to cut any nails that might be showing through the wood.
I painted my carrier with the walnut colored Gel stain.
This was very easy to make and can be used any where in your home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun carrier a try.