I have been going through my craft supplies and came across a brand new roll of window film. This is an amazing window film that creates privacy but can also gives the effect of stained glass. We have gotten creative with this before and I thought it would be fun to get creative with it again. I want to create a very simple faux stained glass lamp using this window film.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One roll of Artscape window cling

2. One glass jar from the Target dollar spot

3. Scissors

4. Wooden candle holder

5. E6000 glue

6. Hot glue

7. One puck light

I’m using a Savannah print window cling. You can find this in Home Depot and on Amazon. You can find my Amazon referral link down below


This window cling is very easy to use. I cut the size that I needed for the glass jar that I’m using. You can put this window cling on the inside or outside of the jar. I liked the look with the window cling added to the outside of the jar.

I will be adding the glass jar to a wooden candle stick that we have on our website.

You can find the candle stick by clicking the link down below.


I added some hot glue and E6000 glue to the candle holder.

I added a battery operated puck light to the jar. You can find the puck lights that I’m using on Amazon by clicking my referral link down below.


This is very quick and easy to make and will look great any where in your home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun light a try.