I was in Home Goods shopping and spotted some Americana decor. They had a set of dish towels that I knew would make a fun flag decoration. I want to make it simple and create a frame to go around the dish towel.

The supplies that I will be using are:

1. One flag print dish towel from Home Goods

2. One piece of foam board ( 24” x 38”)

3. Ruler stick

4. Hot glue

5. Box cutter

6. One piece of chalk

7. Paint brush

8. Oxidized Tin Designer Finishes by DecoArt

I bought the large foam project board but I’m only using the center section. I created a 4 inch frame around the board.

I used the box cutter to cut out the center.

Once I had the frame cut out J then painted it with the Oxidized Tin Designer Finishes. You will follow the directions on the back of the paint.

This is very easy to use and turns out great.

Once the frame is painted you will then glue on the towel to the back side of the frame.

This is very easy to create and makes a fun Americana decoration. You can hang this any where in your home. I hope this will get you creative and inspire you to look at items in a different way.