Ok we recently put a funnel tree on our website and a few followers have been asking if we can try and make one. A follower suggested using poster boards and I thought I would give it a try.

The supplies that I will be using are:

1. Two poster boards from the Dollar Tree ( mine are 22” x 28”)

2. Paper towel roll

3. Hot glue

4. Scissors

5. Measuring tape or ruler

6. Metallic spray paint by Rust-oleum and the color is Titanium Silver

7. DecoArt metallic paint and the color is Tin

8. Twine

9. One long bamboo skewer from the Dollar Tree

10. One bag of pebbles from the Dollar Tree

11. Star pattern or star cookie cutter

12. Pen or chalk

13. Two small styrofoam balls ( mine are 2. 8”)

The first step is to cut both poster boards in half.

I folded them evenly in half and then cut along the fold line.

Each poster board will be 22 inches wide. You will keep the first poster board 22 inches wide and place a mark at the center point. The center point is at the 11 inch mark so you will then cut a piece of twine 11 inches long.

You will cut the next poster board 18 inches long and place a mark in the center at 9 inches. The next step is to cut a 9 inch piece of twine.

You will cut the third poster board to be 16 inches long and do the same process as the other two poster boards.

The last poster board will be cut 12 inches wide and place your center mark at 6 inches.

You should have all 4 poster boards cut with a mark in the center and a cut piece of twine for each poster board.

You will hold the piece of twine at the center point with one hand and use your other hand to mark a curve with the other end of the twine.

You will do this process to all 4 poster boards and then cut out your pieces.

I cut a small strip off of each piece as shown in photo above. You will only cut the strip to the center mark.

I then cut a small angle on the other side at the center point.

You will use the hot glue to join the sides together to form your cones.

Once you have all 4 cones formed you will then spray paint them.

I cut a small round circle out of a piece of cardboard for the base of the tree. You will want to spray paint all the pieces of the tree.

I added some of the DecoArt Tin over the spray paint.

I glued the paper towel roll to the cardboard base and added the pebbles. This is optional but I feel that it will help the tree to be sturdy.

I added the bamboo skewer into the paper towel roll.

Once I had the pebbles added I then added the styrofoam ball.

I decided to cut the second styrofoam ball in half for the next layer. You will cut the styrofoam smaller to allow the next layer to go lower.

I kept cutting the styrofoam smaller until the next layer was where I wanted it to be.

You will want to cut out two stars and glue them together. I folded a crease line down the center of each point of the star before glueing them together.Be sure to leave an opening at the bottom to slide the star onto the skewer.

You can cut the paper towel roll shorter to create a shorter trunk to the tree. This tree can be created any size and you can paint it any color.

I hope you will get creative and give this fun Diy a try.