I found myself in Home Goods again and noticed all of the Valentine items that they were putting out. They have a large selection of Valentine decorations and of course I bought a few. I ended up buying some heart shaped placemats that we can easily turn into throw pillows.

They have a few different types of heart shaped placemats but the ones shown above are my favorite.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Heart shaped placemat

2. Seam ripper

3. Thread and needle

4. Poly-fil stuffing

You’ll want to use the seam ripper to create a hole on the side of the placemat.

Make the hole big enough so that you can add the stuffing into the hole.

Be sure to add enough stuffing so that the pillow is fully stuffed.

Once you have the heart stuffed you’ll then use the needle and thread to sew the opening closed.

It’s always fun to change things up and I hope this will inspire you to get creative.