The stores have marked all of their Christmas decorations down and it’s time to grab some for Valentine’s Day crafts. There are so many Christmas decorations that you can change up and use for a Valentine’s decoration. I bought some tinsel from Hobby Lobby that I’m going to use for a heart shape wreath.

This is a rose gold tinsel that is now 70% off. I’ll be using two of them to create a heart shape wreath for my mantel.

A few other supplies that I’ll be using are: 1. Cardboard 2. Hot glue 3. X-acto knife 4. Scissors 5. Large sheet of shipping paper.

The first step is to create a heart shape pattern out of the shipping paper. You can use any type of paper but you’ll want it to be a larger piece.

You will fold the paper in half and draw your heart and then cut it out. This heart can be any size that you want. My heart is 19” tall by 17” wide.

The next step is to trace the heart onto the cardboard and then use the x-acto knife to cut it out.

Once you have your cardboard heart cut out you’ll then add the tinsel. I used the hot glue to secure the beginning and end in place.

This tinsel is such a beautiful rose gold color and will look great on my stone fireplace.

I used the scissors to trim the center and top part of the wreath.

This wreath is so easy to make and you can use any color tinsel that you want. I hope you’ll get creative and give this wreath a try.