If your like me and you seem to always be looking for containers to put things in then your going to love this Diy.
The supplies you will need are:

1. Brown box ( you can use any size box you want. I got this one from the post office )

2. Jute ( the one I am using is from Hobby Lobby)

3. Scissors

4.glue gun

5. Paint sticks ( regular sized)

The first thing to do is glue your paint sticks to the outside of the box. It will depend on how high you want to glue your paint sticks according to how much of the weaving look you want.
I left about an inch space between each paint stick. After all your paint sticks are glued to box it is time to start gluing your jute to box. You will want to start on the bottom of the box.



I’m working on two different boxes is why your seeing a pampered box and a brown box. You will continue up the box until you get to the top of your box.




Once you get to the top of the box you will start to weave in and out of the paint sticks forming g a weaved look.




You will continue weaving until you get to the very top. When you get to the very to you will go around once with the jute to give the top a finished look.




You can be so creative with this Diy and make them in a variety of sizes. I also added some burlap to the top so you don’t see the paint sticks on the inside of box.