I was in Target and of course I had to check out their dollar spot. They have a glass egg cloche that I knew I had to get. As soon as I saw this egg I knew I wanted to turn it into a decorative lace egg.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One glass egg cloche from Target

2. Hot glue

3. Scissors

4. One lace sock from Amazon

5. Candle ring (optional)

6. Daisy sprig ( optional)

7. Clip on butterflies ( optional)

This glass egg is $5.00 from Target.

I’m using a lace sock that I ordered from Amazon. You can find the exact socks that I ordered by clicking my referral link down below.


The first thing that I did was cut the ruffled band off of the sock.

You will slide the sock down over the egg.

Add hot glue over the lace going around the bottom edge of the egg. Once the hot glue is dry then cut the excess lace off.

Be sure to cut right along the edge of the egg.

The next step is to add some pieces of greenery to the top of the egg. The greenery will hide the toe area of the lace sock.

I will be using a greenery sprig from our website. You can find the link for this greenery on our website by clicking the link down below.


I glued small pieces onto the lace sock. Once I had the greenery glued in place I then decided to add a matching candle ring to the bottom of the egg.

I had to cut the candle ring to make it just a bit wider.

I wanted the candle ring to fit onto the bottom wood piece and still allow the egg to slide down in.

You can find the candle ring that I used on our website by clicking the link down below.


I clipped a few butterflies onto the candle ring and top of the egg. You can find these butterflies on our website by clicking the link below.


I added a small battery operated candle to give the egg a nice glow. This was so easy to make and I just love how it turned out. I hope this will inspire you to have fun and create things in a fun and unique way.