Ok I seem to be using a lot of Clorox wipes which leaves me with a few empty containers. We recently made a fun lantern out of one and I thought it would be fun to use 2 empty containers and create a light up candle. This candle can be created to look so many different ways. I want to create this candle to resemble a vintage plastic blow mold candle.

The supplies that I’ll be using are :

1. Two empty Clorox wipe containers ( mine are the 22oz containers)

2. Hot glue 3. X-acto knife

4. Scissors

5. Two brads

6. Red spray paint

7. Polyurethane spray

8. Single clip light

9. Americana acrylic paint by DecoArt ( spiced Pumpkin and Banana cream)

The first step is to remove the labels from both containers. I used Goo Gone to get the sticky stuff off. You can also use a Mr Clean magic eraser for any small black writing.

Once the labels are removed you’ll want to cut a hole in the center bottom of one. This hole will be for the light to go through.

I decided to cut my hole back more as shown in photo above.

The next step is to the wick out of the second container.

You’ll want to draw your wick at the bottom part of the second container.

You’ll cut the wick out with the bottom of the container as shown in photo above.

This was easy to cut out with the x-acto knife.

You’ll want to trim the bottom part so that it fits snug in front of the light bulb.

I poked 2 small holes and used brads to attach the wick to the candle part.

I also cut a small hole on the back side of the candle for the cord to the light .

I used hot glue to create wax drippings onto the candle.

I did this around the entire candle and then I spray painted it red.

I also added a coat of a polyurethane spray.

Once the candle was dry I then added some of the acrylic paint to the wick.

The light bulb will give the wick a glow of light.

This was so easy to make and I love how it turned out. You can create this any color that you want . I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.