I am always trying to find everyday household items that can be used as a craft item. The Dollar Tree has mop pads that I just knew could be used to create some fun and unique items. I have used mop pads for a few craft ideas in the past but we are going to use 2 mop pads to create a fun and unique snowman right now.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Two mop pads (I coffee stained my mop pads)

2. Glue gun (I am using surebonder fabric glue and regular glue sticks)

3. Scissors

4. Empty medicine bottle

5. Black chunky yarn

6. Sticks for arms

7. Black beads for eyes and mouth

8. Orange paint

9. Gravel and poly fill

10. Ribbon and bling

I purchased my mop pads from the Dollar Tree but you can use any mop pads for this snowman. My mop pads are are coffee stained because I wanted a grungy look to my snowman. I just mix instant coffee with warm water for coffee staining. I cut out two small sections on each mop pad. This will help to give the snowman shape.

I added surebonder glue to the outer bottom section and then placed the other mop pad on top. This will attach your two pads together. Be sure not to add the glue to the center because you will need to add the gravel down into the center.

I filled the bottom with the gravel and now I will add the glue to the top outer area. Be sure to leave an opening at the top so that you can add the poly fill.

Once you have the snowman completely stuffed you will glue the opening shut.

I then tied some ribbon around the neck area for a scarf.

I am using an empty pill bottle to create the hat for the snowman. I am glueing black chunky yarn onto the bottle. You will then continue to glue a few layers of the yarn around the bottom edge to form the brim of the hat.

I glued the hat to the top of the snowman and then glued the sticks into the sides for arms. I just used the scissors to poke holes into the side of the snowman and glued the sticks in place for the arms.

I cut a piece of a stick and shaved the end to a point. I painted it orange and glued it in place for the nose.

I glued black beads for eyes and mouth. You can use a variety of items for the nose and mouth. I had some beads in my craft items is why I used beads.

I added bling to the scarf and hat.