Summer is coming and I always love adding yard decorations to my yard. Some of my favorite yard decorations are the mushrooms that we made here at The Shabby Tree. I want some taller mushrooms this year and I think we can use a few Dollar Tree items to make them.






The supplies that I’ll be using to make 2 mushrooms are:

1. One Dollar Tree pool noodle

2. Two Dollar Tree coco liners

3. One pack of Dollar Tree long bamboo skewers

4. Wire

5. Wire cutters

6. Rust-oleum black spray paint

7. Rust-oleum Warm Caramel spray paint

8. Knife

The first step is to spray paint the pool noodle black.

The next step is to add a piece of wire to the center of the coco liner as shown in photo above.

Pull the wire through the coco liner and then place each end of the wire through the pool noodle. I put the wire about 2 inches from the end of the pool noodle.

Once you have the wire through the pool noodle you’ll then wrap the ends around the pool noodle and twist the ends together.

The next step is to decide how tall you want your mushroom to be and then cut the pool noodle. I used one pool noodle and made one mushroom shorter then the other.

I added some of the Warm Caramel colored spray paint to the pool noodle and the coco liner.

The bamboo skewers is what will stand your mushrooms up. Place the bamboo skewer into the ground and cut it to the right length.

Place the pool noodle down over the bamboo skewer. If you get strong winds then you can add wire through the bottom of the pool noodle and wrap it around the bottom of the bamboo skewer.

I love how these turned out and I hope you’ll give them a try.