I love decorating my home and an angel is always a great item to add to your home decor. There are so many different ways to create an angel but I wanted to create an easy angel to add to a few of my trees.

This angel is so easy to make and the main supplies I will be using are:

1. Brown paper

2. Twine

3. Scissors

4. Wooden bead (mine is a 1 in)

5. Hole puncher

The first step is to cut two sheets of paper. You can use any type of paper for this angel. I am using a basic brown shipping paper. My sheets measure 7×10 inches.

You will want to fold both pieces of paper like an accordion. You will go back and forth making each fold about one inch wide. You will want to be sure to fold the width of the paper that is 7 inches wide.

Once you have both pieces of paper folded like an accordion you will need to punch a hole.

You will use the hole puncher to punch one hole at one end of one sheet. Be sure to keep the paper folded tightly and punch your hole so that it goes through all the folds.

You will then fold the other piece of paper evenly in half.

Be sure to make a good crease when you fold the paper in half.

Use the hole puncher to a punch a hole in the center of the crease line.

Take the twine and sting it through the holes at the end of the first sheet.

Next take both strings of twine and sting them through the holes of your second sheet of paper.

Be sure to have your second sheet of paper facing downward when you place the twine through the holes. These are the wings to your angel and they work better facing down.

You will then slip the strings of twine through your wooden bead.

I tied a double knot at the top of the bead.

You can glue the wings down in place or leave as is.

I added a small doily to one of my angles before adding the wooden bead.

I also added a touch of hot glue to secure the wings to the dress.

There are so many ways you can create these fun and easy angles. I hope you will all get creative and give them a try.