I find myself decorating for every holiday and I knew I wanted to make something fun and different for Valentine’s Day. I tend to decorate with neutral colors a lot so I knew I didn’t want to use red. I was in Dollar Tree and I spotted a roll of brown paper and I knew it would be perfect for my valentine hearts.


The supplies you will need are:

1. Paper of your choice ( I am using brown paper from the Dollar Tree)

2. Scissors

3. Glue gun

4.glitter (optional)

5. Paper heart doilies ( I got these from the Dollar Tree)

6. Elmer’s glue

7. Pipe cleaner or wire

8. Stuffing

9. Paint brush

The first thing you will need to do is cut out your heart. This can be any size heart you want. I doubled my brown paper and folded it in half. If you take the scissors and cut out half a heart shape when you unfold your paper you will have a full heart.

I made my heart a size that will go well with my paper heart doily.


Once you have your two paper hearts you will need to glue them together. I like to start at the top . You will need to make sure to leave a big enough opening where you will add the stuffing.


Before adding the stuffing I glued my paper heart doily to the top.


Once I added the paper heart doily to the top I then lightly stuff the paper heart.


I then added silver glitter to the outer edge of the heart. This is an optional step but I think it makes the heart pop so much more.


I wanted to be able to hang the heart so I added a silver pipe cleaner to the top . You can use a pipe cleaner, wire, string or ribbon for a hanger.


These are so much fun to make and can be used so many ways throughout your home. I have them hanging on my Valentine trees and I placed a few on my fireplace mantle.