I love candles and if your like me you can never have enough. I have been seeing these candles made from paper towel rolls and decided to give them a try. I love them and they are so easy to make.




The supplies you will need are:

1. Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls

2. Hot glue gun

3. Paint of your choice ( I am using a cream and an antique glaze).

4. Cinnamon ( this is optional)

5. Paint brush

6. Scissors

7. Battery operated tea light candles

8. Paper ( I’m using brown shipping paper).

First step is to decide how tall you want your candle or candles to be. Next I shoved the paper up into the rolls leaving enough space on top to set the battery operated candle inside. I then placed some hot glue on the inside of the bottom to hold the paper in place.








You want to make sure you leave enough space at top to set your candle inside. It should look like photo above.



Next I rolled a small strip of my paper to glue around the inside of the top rim. This is going to help fill the small gap between the candle and the roll.








Your candle should fit like photo above.

Now it is time to put your hot glue onto the paper towel roll. I just go around the top outside part of the paper towel roll. You want to put it on thick so the glue drips down. Your purpose is to give the melting wax look.


Once your glue dries it is time to paint the candle stick. You want to have the battery tea light out so you can paint the outside and the top inside of your candle stick.
I’m giving mine a primitive look so I added an antique glaze and then sprinkled cinnamon all over. I did the same thing to my battery operated tea light.

Once you have your paper towel roll and battery operated tea light all painted and dried then you just place your tea light into the paper towel roll.

You can do these in any color or sizes you would like. I hope you all give these a try and enjoy this DIY.