We are always crafting here at The Shabby Tree and we are always finding unique items to craft with. I have started pulling out my Americana decor and I wanted to create a few fun items for my Americana tree. We recently created a fun flower out of cotton rounds and I thought it would be fun to create a patriotic pinwheel using them.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Cotton rounds (you will find these in the cosmetic section of any store)

2. Red and blue paint

3. Paint brush

4. A piece of cardboard

5. Scissors

6. Hot glue

7. Wooden flat back bead

8. Tiny styrofoam balls

The first step is to paint a few of the cotton rounds. I will be painting four of them blue.



You will also need to paint a few of them red. I painted four red but I only used three of them.

I then traced one of the cotton rounds onto a piece of cardboard. You will cut the circle out and use it as the back of the pinwheel.

You will now glue the cotton rounds onto the circle piece of cardboard. I started with the blue first.

You will fold the circle in half and add a drop of hot glue on the inside of one end. You will want to add hot glue to the back side of the glued end and place it in the center of the circle.

I did this to all four blue cotton rounds. Once the four blue cotton rounds were glued in place I added a plain white cotton round.

I then alternated white and red cotton rounds.

When I got to the end I tucked the last white cotton round slightly under the first blue cotton round.

I added hot glue to the back of the flat wooden bead. You can you any type of bead for the center. I ordered this style wooden bead from Amazon and you can find my affiliate link down below.

I hot glued a few tiny styrofoam balls onto the blue cotton rounds. You can use white paint and paint a few dots onto the blue cotton rounds if you don’t have the tiny styrofoam balls.

This is so easy to make and can be added to many things. I will be placing g them in my Americana tree and maybe a few onto a grapevine wreath. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.