I like to use recycled items for a lot of our crafts because they are usually items you have on hand. Everyone seems to use some type of antibacterial cleaning wipes. I have a lot of empty Clorox wipe containers that I want to get creative with. After digging through my craft supplies I found a few items that will allow me to easily turn one of my Clorox wipe containers into a Patriotic doll.

The supplies that I will be using are:

1. Recycled Clorox wipe container

2. Small plastic bowl from the Dollar Tree

3. Small glass bowl from the Dollar Tree

4. E6000 glue

5. Hot glue

6. Rust-Oleum Warm Caramel colored spray paint

7. Thick jute

8. Drill and drill bit

9. Cinnamon

10. Polyurethane spray

11. Maple colored Gel Stain by DecoArt

12. Americana acrylic paint by decoArt ( colors Deep Midnight Blue, Country Red and a Gold)

13. Scissors

14. Paint brush

15. Scrap piece of muslin material ( mine is 6 inches wide and 28 inches long)

You will need to remove the label from the Clorox wipe container. I had to use warm water and Goo Gone to get the sticky part off.

Once I had the label removed I then spray painted all three pieces.

Once the spray paint was dry I then added the Maple colored Gel Stain and sprinkled on the cinnamon.

You will want to spray all 3 pieces with a polyurethane spray. The polyurethane spray will help seal the cinnamon .

I painted my strip of muslin while the polyurethane dried.

I want a very rustic look so I kept it simple.

I drilled the holes for the arms into the Clorox container next. You can drill these holes before you paint the pieces or afterwards. You might have to touch up some of the paint after drilling the holes.

My holes are about 2 1/2 inches up from the bottom of the container.

You will pull your strip of thick jute through the holes. I did not measure my strip of jute but I will be trimming it.

The next step is to glue your pieces together. I will be using E6000 glue and hot glue.

Be sure to have the opening of the Clorox container at the bottom.

I added some gold paint to the top plastic bowl.

I also wrapped a small piece of jute around them and tied it underneath.

I wrapped the painted material around her and placed a flag in her arms. This is very easy to make and you can use different types of items to create her. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.