We recently got in a fun set of primitive stockings and I want to get creative with them. These stockings are very cute to just hang up as is but I want to create a fun decoration with them.

You can find this set of stocking on our website by clicking the link below.


I want these stocking to stand up and I want to add items to the top of them.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One set of primitive stockings from our website

2. Hot glue

3. Giant craft sticks from Walmart

4. A few tumbling tower pieces from the Dollar Tree

5. Scissors

6. Play sand

7. Two white children’s socks

8. Poly-fil

The first thing you want to do is create a form to place into the stocking. This form will allow the stocking to stand up. I cut one of the craft sticks into two pieces. You will decide how long you want the pieces to be for each stocking. This can be done with any small stocking.

I glued two of the tumbling tower pieces onto the shorter piece of craft stick. This piece will be the piece to lay flat down into the bottom of the stocking.

You will then glue the longer piece to the tumbling tower pieces as shown in photo above.

You will then slide the craft sticks down into the stocking.

The next step is to start adding some of the play sand.

You will not fill it to the top because you will now glue the sock in.

Leave as much space up on top as you want. I want to add a tree or greenery to mine. You will be glueing the sock to the top inside area of the stocking. Glueing the sock to the inside will prevent the sand from coming out if the stocking falls over.

You will add the glue around the inside of the stocking and then use your hand to press the sock onto the stocking.

I only used one tumbling tower piece for the small stocking. The sock was too large for the small stocking so I glued the small stocking shut.

I added just a little poly-fil to the inside of the sock and then I added a tree.

I added a small tree to the large stocking and some greenery and a cross to the medium stocking. This will not be for everyone but I love getting creative and changing things up.