I wanted to create a tree that is unique and can be kept up all year long. I have always loved grapevine items so I thought why not make a grapevine tree? I wanted something that had a more rustic look and this turned out perfect!




Supplies you will need:

1. Tomato stand

2. Grapevine wreaths

3. Rusty wire

4. Pliers







I can not tell you exactly how many grapevine wreaths you will need for this project. It all depends on how big or small you would like your tree to be. It also depends on which grapevine wreaths you purchase and how big/thick that they are. After gathering your supplies you will begin to unwrap your grapevine wreaths.




Once you’ve unwrapped your wreaths you want to begin to wrap them around the tomato stand starting at the widest end of the tomato stand. After wrapping your piece of wreath around the stand you also want to wrap your wire around the grapevine as well as the stand to hold the grapevine in place.




You will want to continue wrapping until you get to top (skinniest part) of the stand. I suggest using the skinniest, most flexible pieces of your grapevine wreath at the point (skinny end) of the grapevine stand. The skinnier, more flexible pieces are easier to wrap around this area and will allow you to better shape your tree.




Next, use your wire to wrap the 3 main poles of stand at top of tree together and then finish the grapevine around top of tree.




Step 5. When completely finished you can add brown twinkle lights.