I recently found some amazing paper placemats of a Santa head and I’m so excited to get creative with them. There are so many different ways we can craft with this paper placemat. I would like to turn the placemat into a Santa head wreath insert.

The supplies that I will be using are :

1. One paper placemat

2. One piece of cardboard ( you want your cardboard to be at least 16 inches. 3. Mod Podge

4. Scissors

5. Coffee stained cotton balls

6. Coffee stained cheese cloth

7. Hot glue

8. Paint brush


The paper placemat is a pack of 24 and they are on our website.

I cut just the Santa head out of the round placemat

I added mod podge to the back side of the paper placemat.

I placed the paper placemat onto the cardboard and then added more mod podge over the placemat.

The next step is to cut the placemat out of the cardboard.

You will want to unroll the cotton balls and then clue them onto the hat as shown in photo below.

I glued two cotton balls together for the pom pom on the hat.


Once you have the cotton balls glued in place you will then glue strands of the cheese cloth onto the beard.

You can make the beard as long and as full as you want. I cut strips of the cheese cloth all different widths and lengths.

You will want to add a strand if the cheese cloth to the mustache.

This was very easy to make and I hope you will get creative and give this a try.