It’s Fall and I’m trying to create some fun decorations using recycled items. Recycled cans always make a great craft item. I want to try and make a fun and unique scarecrow using a few different size recycled cans.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Three different size recycled cans ( you can see the exact cans that I’ll be using in the photo below).

2. Hot glue

3. Drill and drill bit

4. Nautical rope from the Dollar Tree

5. Four wooden bobbins ( these are from our boutique)

6. Scissors

7. Raffia

8. Paint brush

9. Rust-oleum spray paint ( colors Heirloom White, Warm Caramel and Multicolored Textured)

10. Spiced Pumpkin acrylic by DecoArt

11. Black and cream chalky finish paint by DecoArt

12. One 7″ Wooden Disk

The first step is to take the labels off of the cans and get any glue off of the cans.






I spray painted the large and small can with the Warm Caramel colored spray paint and the medium can with the Heirloom White. The small can will be the hat so I decided to add some of the Multicolored Texture to it.

You will also want to spray paint both sides of the round disk with the Warm Caramel colored spray paint.

I drilled two holes at the bottom of the can to add the bobbins.

You will need to string the rope through the bobbins. If you have a hard time getting the rope through the bobbin just add some tape to the end of the rope.

You will want to drill two holes to the top if the can to add the bobbins for arms. Your holes can be as far apart as you want them to be.

The next can will be added for the head. You want the opening of the middle can at the top so that you can add the raffia.

I glued the raffia to the inside and outside of the can as shown in photo above.

Once the raffia is glued in place you’ll add hot glue to the top edge.

Place the round wooden disk onto the raffia as shown in photo above.

The smaller can will get glued to the top with the opening at the bottom.

The next step is to paint in the face to your scarecrow.

I’m not a very good painter so I kept my face very simple.

This scarecrow is very easy to make and I just love how he turned out. I hope you will recycle a few cans and give this scarecrow a try.