I found myself going through my craft supplies and I realized that I have a lot of the wire mesh baskets from the Dollar Tree. We’ve created some fun and unique items with this wire mesh basket. I thought it would be fun to create a very quick and easy snowman hat lantern using one black wire mesh basket.

The Dollar Tree has this basket in white and black. We’ll be using the black one for this lantern.

You’ll want to firm the basket into the shape of a hat. This basket is very easy to push on with your hands and shape it into a hat as shown in photo below.

I decided to add this hat onto some type of tray. You can use any type of tray that you want. I’m spray painting a plastic charger plate black.

You can add ribbon or greenery around your hat.

I’m adding one of our berry candle rings to my hat. I cut the candle ring so that it will slip around the hat. You can find the link to this candle ring down below.





















I added a candle and a hang tag to my hat.

This hat is very quick and easy to make looks great lit up. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.