I love everything about trees and I love decorating with them. We have created a variety of trees here at The Shabby Tree but we have not created a tree of life. I want to create a tree of life wreath that I can hang in my home.

The supplies that I will be using are:

1. One 14 inch wire wreath form from the Dollar Tree

2. Seven packs of nautical rope from the Dollar Tree

3. Two packs of reindeer moss from the Dollar Tree

4. One pack of stones from the Dollar Tree

5. Scissors

6. Hot glue

You can use any size wire wreath form for this wreath.

The first step is to cover the wreath form with the nautical rope. I used hot glue to secure the end in place and then started wrapping.

I found it easiest to end on the backside of the wreath and then continue your next strand from the back side.

When your wreath is completely covered you will shove the end down under the previous rope and glue in place.

The next step is to start glueing the stones onto the bottom area of the wreath.

I went about 8 inches across the bottom of the wreath. You can add as many stones as you want.

I cut the remaining piece of nautical rope into three strips. You want your strips long enough to reach past the top and bottom of the wreath. You will want to twist all three pieces together. I unraveled the bottom section as shown in photo above. You want the bottom section unraveled and long enough to wrap around to the back side of the wreath.

I glued the section in place and then began to unravel pieces at the top.

You want to form what looks like a tree. I glued the top pieces onto the front part of the wreath and I glued the bottom pieces onto the back side of the wreath.

The top part will be covered with the reindeer moss. I trimmed off the excess pieces so that the ends will be covered with the moss.

Once I had the top pieces glued in place I then spread the bottom pieces out and glued them to the back side.

I glued two packages of the reindeer moss to the top.

This wreath is very easy to make and will look great any where in your home. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.